Try Pistol Day

Try Pistol Day

The pistol club will be conducting a ‘Try Pistol Day’ on Sunday 31st March at the 50M pistol range. Any members of NRC, their spouse and children over 12 are eligible to have a go.

Pistol range officers will be present to supervise on a one-on-one basis. All people who wish to give it a go will be required to fill out a P650 form and will receive basic pistol safe handling instruction prior to handling & shooting a handgun. There will be a charge of $7.00 to cover the cost of ammunition.

Attendances must be advised beforehand no later than Sunday 24th March.

Phone or SMS The Pistol Club Captain 0428 863428.

P650 forms will be sent to interested members by email for them to be filled out before the day.

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