Shooting Hints & Tips

Listed below are articles that members may find helpful; covering a range of shooting activities. If you have a good recommendation to add to our list, then please contact us.

Ballistics & Reloading:


Bore Cleaning:

F Class:

  • Training techniques for F Class – Thanks to the VRA and their full training article F Class training techniques.
  • The winning formula – F-Class is one of the fastest growing long-range shooting disciplines, some pointers from Jeff Cochran (USA) winner of Nationals and many other major F-Class matches.
  • OzFclass website – The Australian website, articles and forum.
  • Daily FClass Blog – Accurate Shooter USA with interesting articles & news of latest products.

Full Bore:


  • Hints & Tips – Potter Firearms has a neat list of articles on pistol marksmanship, air pistol training, dry fire training & more

Shooting in General: