Centrefire Rifle

Centrefire Matches include two events run on separate days, shooting from 100 and 300 metres with telescopic sights.

The 100m shoot, held on the general practice range, involves two details of 12 shots.
The first detail is in the sitting position where no rests / slings / jackets / gloves are allowed. The second detail is in the standing off-hand position where no additional supports are allowed, this includes slings / jackets / gloves.   

The 300m event, held on the 800 metre range, involves two details of 12 shots from the prone position. A bench is available for people who physically can’t manage the prone position. Competitors are allowed to use a basic bipod but are not permitted to use a rear rest. Competitors not using a bipod are allowed to use any combination of slings / jackets / gloves.

The event is open to competitors with a centrefire rifle up to 8mm calibre and with an average muzzle energy less than 4185ft/lbs. A list of allowed calibers can be found HERE!

A copy of the Match Rules can be found HERE!

Please check the Club’s Calendar for dates when Centrefire events will be held.

Club members are able to borrow the club’s Labradar Chronograph. More information can be found HERE!

Results 2024

Saturday 27th April – Results


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