Club members are able to borrow the club’s labradar chronograph for use at the club.

The Labradar can be booked via this website using the booking button below or by contacting the club captain.

Once you have made a booking the club captain will contact you about picking up the Labradar.

When you receive the unit it is your responsibility to check that all of the components are present and that the unit is not damaged. The club captain will go through the check list with you and arrange a time for the unit to be returned.

Using Labradar

You can download a copy of the user manual below

There are also two youtube videos that will help you become familiar with the Labradar’s operation.

The first video is on Labradar Operation and the second video shows you how to use the settings menu.

If you want the club captain to show you how to use the unit please ask.

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