Committee Update

Im sure many will be aware of recent changes mentioned at the range, however I’d like to ensure we formally advise all and keep members up to date.

Our Vice President/Secretary, Graham Phillips has resigned from that position due to ongoing health problems after his kidney transplant. Our previous Vice President/Secretary, Ray Burton has been appointed back into the role until further notice and our up coming AGM.

Our Blackpowder Code Captain, Ian McCall, has resigned from that position due to work and competition commitments. Bob Smith has been appointed as Code Captain for Blackpowder/Breechloading.

Our Code Captain for Centrefire Rifle, Rob Moncur, has had a severe stroke. He is recovering but there is a long road in front of him. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Remember annual membership renewal is now due by end April.

Catch you on the range, good shooting to all, Your President Cliff.

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